Frequently Asked Questions

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Conference - General Questions

Why is this conference only on Saturday?
The District Council meeting will be held via teleconference so that members do not have to take a day off of work to participate.  The general conference meeting will continue to occur on Saturday of the conference weekend.

Why are the conference meetings not held at the hotel?
The Meadows Foundation Inc. in Dallas has a conference center available for free to Texas nonprofit organizations.  Using this conference center rather than hotel conference rooms is a huge cost-saving opportunity for the conference.

How far away are the different events from the hotel?
All events are within about 15 minutes of the hotel.  Please see the Map page of this website, which also includes a downloadable document with a map and directions to and from all events. (This will be emailed directly to all conference registrants before the conference.)

Conference Hotel

When can I check into and/or out of the hotel with the discounted rate?
Our rate is applicable for nights beginning with Wednesday, April 18th and ending with Sunday, April 22nd.

Is there free parking at the hotel?

May I bring my dog to the hotel?

Is there free Wifi at the hotel?

Is there breakfast at the hotel?
Yes, a daily hot breakfast is included in your room rate.

What other amenities are there at the hotel?
Please see full hotel details on the Hotel page of this website.

Conference Schedule
Where can I find the schedule for the conference weekend?
Please see the Schedule page of this website.  See also the Events Details page for detailed information.

Registration Help

Why do I have to complete the form for each person individually?
This helps us track who will be attending each event.

How do I pay for the conference?
You may pay by credit card through the secure PayPal online system (preferred), or you may mail a check.
Two notes:
 • The PayPal payment system is separate from the registration form.
 • Your registration is not considered final (confirmed) until payment has been received.

Lunch Options

What is the Members' Lunch?
This is the main lunch for most conference attendees.  Anyone not attending the P/D/Cs Lunch or the Social Event & Luncheon (see below for descriptions of these) is welcome to attend the Members' Lunch.  This lunch takes place immediately following the General Meeting.

What is the P/D/C Lunch?
This is a separate lunch exclusively for Past District Commanders (P/D/Cs).  This lunch takes place immediately following the General Meeting

What is the Social Luncheon?
This is the lunch included in the Social Event & Luncheon.  Note: The Social Event & Luncheon takes place at the same time as the General Meeting.  See below for details about the Social Event & Luncheon.

Social Event & Luncheon

What is the Social Event & Luncheon?
This event is traditionally held at District Conferences as an alternative activity for squadron members' spouses.  Historically many spouses come along to conferences, but are not members of the squadron or are not interested in the General Meeting.  An alternative activity and lunch are coordinated for these attendees.

What is the Social Event for the Spring 2018 Conference?
Please see the Social Event & Luncheon page on this website for details.

When is the Social Event & Luncheon?
Those attending the social will gather in the hotel lobby at 9:30am to caravan, or will just meet directly at the Dallas Arboretum at 10:00am.  The event will be held from 10:00am until approximately 1:00pm. However, participants are welcome to stay at the Arboretum as long as they'd like (the gardens close at 5:00pm).

General Meeting

Who attends the General Meeting?
Any and all squadron members and guests are welcome to attend the General Meeting.

What is discussed at the General Meeting?
Reports will be given by District Bridge Officers and representatives of each committee, as well as each Squadron Commander.  The meeting will also include an update from United States Power Squadrons® (National).

Touring Dallas

What tour opportunities do you recommend if I choose to come to Dallas early or stay after the conference?
So glad you're interested in Dallas!  Please see the Tours page of this website for ideas.  If you have any questions, please contact us - we'd be glad to help!

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